Well after a not so painful drive from Bristol to Falmouth, Chloe and myself managed to find Kate’s house and meet up with her. This was the last official part of the Zoox Experience Programme. The idea of this visit which we plan right from the start is to chase up on the professional development side of things. We have all done it, you go abroad, do lots of amazing things and feel different and positive then get home and slip right back into the same old life that we have always had. What we want is to continue that enthusiasm and commitment that we all have abroad back at home. Keep the momentum going.

So together after a particularly amazing steak sandwich (I always choose the best thing on the menu!) we had a good old chin wag over the current jobs available for marine scientist/conservationist in the UK and some abroad. We help by establishing what skills is it that the volunteer gained when on the ZEP and what were merely just improved on.  For Kate it was both but by talking through each of the skills and matching them to potential employers criteria, it helps to identify what we all need to be doing to get to where we want to go. Everyone is individual which is why we do this. This is no cheesy life coaching session but it always helps to have an outsider’s view or take on things to help you approach your dream job differently.

So after we helped establish some things, had a good chat and laugh about the many things and people we met in the Philippines, we headed back to the glorious rainy congested roads of the UK! We all have various roads that we find ourselves travelling along but the problem is finding the right one that is the most enjoyable, without the SatNav! Great start to the ZEP and look forward to our next few later this year.

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