October 2011 ZEP Volunteers confirmed

Starting on the 22nd October 2011 we have 4 new Volunteers starting the Zoox Experience Programme to help support the Green Fins project in the Philippines. The final 4 that were selected out of many applications all have the right ingredients to make a fantastic team. As with all our Volunteers, they will undergo a thorough training period consisting of our training modules followed up by on the job learning and an orientation session to get them familiar with their surroundings. This includes the mandatory snorkels trips, shopping at the local markets and restaurant samplings! This is all done during a shadowing session whereby the Volunteers will be seeing the project working on the ground alongside the Regional Coordinators of the project. We are in the process of putting their Welcome Packs together which include some kit, shirts and lots of additional information.

Watch this space to see how they get on, where they are working and what accomplishments they achieve while helping to expand the Green Fins project in the Philippines. We hope to have some of them write their own blogs here so that you can get a real understanding of what is involved by being a Volunteer Green Fins Coordinator through Zoox.

Zoox is in the process of planning next year’s schedule but unfortunately we do not have any confirmed start dates for ZEP 2012. If you would like to know more then please e-mail us at info@zoox.org.uk.

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One Response to October 2011 ZEP Volunteers confirmed

  1. Wendy says:

    Looking forward to hearing how the volunteers are getting along and hope to see some pictures. How was the meal at Mountain Beach Resort?


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