Our first week

After a 4 day journey from London, via Dubai,Brunei, Manila we

(Lucy and I) finally arrived on the 21 st of oct. in Puerto Galera. There we were picked up by Chloe and JJ with a very warm welcome. After another short and exciting ride on a Tricycle to Camp Rock we moved in a fantastic room and went for a snorkel. Later that night Chloe and JJ introduced us to another local environmentalist Caesar from the mountain view who treated us to a fab tune on a leaf.!!!!! The next day we met Phil and Stan, the other Zoox Coordinator Trainees.Another Snorkel and we felt back home in the colourful tropics. Yeah !!!!

Chloe and JJ helped us to organise all vital things, such as cheap but unexpected awesome accommodation, mobile and internet connection and even food. Amazing these guys !!!!

 After 2 days of some very good presentations and training about Zoox and Green fins, we had our first dive together at monkey beach in Sabang with SeaRider. We saw beautiful soft corals with heaps of nudibranchs and even visited a small wreck !

We have a really good time here and are looking forward for whats next .

JJ at the Monkey wreck- PEACE OUT

Life is good here !!

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