Falk and Lucy fighting the plastic

Hi, Green Fins Fans

It has been already 21 days since we Falk and me (Lucy) started our Zoox Training in Puerta Galera. Lots of cool and exiting things happened since then. First we learned a lot about Green Fins, Coral Reef Monitoring, Blue Carbon and diving and marine conservation. There is so much everyone can do just to reduce the impact of the marine ecosystem little by little. For example:

It never occurred to us that fish feeding can harm the aquatic life so much.

During the last week we visited various dive-centers in Sabang and Puerto Galera and trained to assess them following the Green Fins 15 Codes of Conduct.

It is quite challenging to combine the interests of the dive operators on one hand with the environmentally friendly Guidelines on our Side. The Dive staff of course are trying, but the everyday routine can look very different. It is definitely rewarding if you are patient and get the Dive-Center manager on your Side. We saw good diving behaviour and not so good ones during our assessment dives. I was very lucky, because on the two dives I had, watching the Guides and their guests, I saw 5 Seahorses and a flamboyant cuttlefish. First time ever.

flamboyant cuttlefish

After the Dives we have to rate the dive company and write a report. The report explains how and why we rated it so in each category. Also improvements for the Dive-Centers to get better scores and of course less impact on the marine ecosystem.

working hard writing reports

enjoying SML in the fresh water spring

There is so much more to tell what we do, but for now I also would like to mention other activities. After we all got matching Green Fins shirts we went along to watch JJ and Chloe presenting Green Fins Project to the Dive staff,

meeting the Banday Dagat in Muelle Pier

Since Monday we have been busy with a Say NO to Plastic Campaign. We spread 20 Tarpaulin Posters over all major shopping places in Puerto Galera and White Beach.

The local people really liked our activity and we chatted a lot . Most of the time we heard things like: “we used cotton or paper bags all the time before the plastic bags arrived here”, or “we want to keep our area clean, so the tourists keep coming.”

Read,think, then act !

Not only was it fun, but also encouraging to hear people’s enthusiasm.

Today 54 more Posters arrived and we will display them in more locations . Even the Tricycle Drivers want to put them onto their vehicles.

The package contained also 54 Posters of the Green Fins Icons ( to enforce good diver behaviour) which are being put up right now by the ferry operators and their staff. From now on all arriving tourists will see the Icons on their way from Batangas to Puerto Galera.

In our free time we went snorkelling everyday ,diving once, walked up to a beautiful waterfall in the hills and partied until10 p.m.at the famous white beach. (Shemale alert !)

We are looking forward to more exiting diving in MoalBoal ( can you say that ?) where we are moving to on Sunday.

So, stay tuned until our next report.

Cheers, and put the ratings up. -42 % are you joking ?

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One Response to Falk and Lucy fighting the plastic

  1. Hi Lucy

    Very impressed with this blog of your and Green Fins activities.
    A very important cause. I appreciate what you are doing as a former mariner and sports diver.
    Keep on with the good work.

    Best wishes



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