Green Fins in Moalboal Cebu, here we are !

Peace IN! Green Friends

Since our last entry, so many things happened. We left Puerto Galera after spreading 40 Green Fins Icons Poster on all Ferries. This was done by all the boat staff in only one day. They really supported us a lot. Awesome .

Icons on the Ferry boats

NO Plastic Part II

Lucy and I went to speak to the mayor and after a long time waiting he had time to hear us out. Result! He gave us the signatures we needed and further instructions how to successfully put a Giant Tarpaulin Poster on the Ferry Terminal and all the Barangay’s(the rural suburbs) . Despite the heat 34 or more Degree Celsius we also put 30 more NO Plastic Poster along the town. This made us well known as the NO Plastic People. Fame! in Mindoro

On the 12.11. we left to Manila, which for us is a way too noisy place to hang out. We thought all the time we would miss the plane, because the traffic is unpredictable, but in the end the racing Taxi driver brought us safely and speedily to the airport on time. On our arrival in Mactan Island ( Cebu) we met again with Phil,Stan,Chloe and JJ  and  enjoyed a yummy roast chicken in Phil and Stans fancy, brandnew house.

leaving Puerto Galera

After  watching a major boxing event in a extraordinary place overlooking Cebu City, Chloe , Lucy and I continued our journey down to Moalboal. The bus driver definitely deserves the title Hero of the Road. He rides like Hell along the narrow , windy road and the horn is his Shield. What an exhilarating experience.

hellride through the countryside

Panagsama Beach is Paradise. Lush Palm trees covering beachhuts and modern resorts. But you have to come here yourself. We visited all dive centers within the first 2 days and organized a big gettogether with their owners ,managers and other representatives.

white beach in Moalboal

Luckily Chloe was there to bring everything together. On Friday she presented the launch in front of 50+people. Fantastic Turnout. Just remembered that we owe her 50 Pesos each, (we lost a bet).

Green Fins Launch in Moalboal

We also went diving and snorkeling and saw the famous sardine run on Pescador Island. Amazing ! A long dream came true because during my snorkeling I found 5 or more Mandarin Fish in 50 m of the beach. So cute !

Next week we have already 5 Dive Centers lined up for assessment and training. This will be another busy week. its never getting boring. So leave your PSP at home when you come here and bring a snorkel and a mask and check this Out. 

Peace Out !

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