The first musings of Simon

Welcome to the first megamyfacebogatwitterthon from myself, if you paid attention to the title you would be aware of my name.

I could write about the journey here to the island of Mindoro and the town of Aninuan where I am staying with Lizzie, Sam and Stef. I could tell you all about them, but it is best left to them so please read their blogs, they are probably better anyway. They also have their own house, I have my own, mine is better as it has a resident cat, puppy, and chickens with little yellow fluffy chicks and lots of pretty orchids, the girls has mosquitoes, a kitchen and most importantly a fridge with beer. I could write about the local area with the sandy beaches with the rainforest covered mountain backdrop, the copious palm trees and local wildlife, the extremely friendly locals who are constantly smiling or saying hello and when on the beach are very keen to spend their own time; trying to sell you a wonderful necklace; a massage or some other trinket. However I may divulge a little about a popular form of transport, the trike, of which I have not driven yet.

I may just tell you about Chloe and JJ the couple of English marine biologists out here, doing a fantastic job in signing up the local community to the Green Fins ideology, or how about they have help the ‘brown revolution’ in Peurto Galera, (encouraging the retailers away from plastic bags to the use of paper and reusable ones)

Or about the abundance of macro stuff in the waters around here (there maybe a few reasons why there is not much large stuff here), not that I will let that distract me whilst working. However, when not I will be visiting the underwater world when possible and taking pictures to make friends, family and you the curious reader slightly more inquisitive about the world down there, what we are trying to protect and how we hope keep it for future generations to enjoy as much as I do. Did I mention I saw my first sea horse, on my first dive here and my first sea snakes!

The trike, the local public transport, normally a banged up motorbike with a seat on the side, the engine works just well enough to take it up the hill before switching it to neutral to coast down, that is fuel efficiency for you. How many people you get on depends on how brave you are, I have sat on the roof a couple of times whilst four or five others sat down, price for the wonderful trip is a series of negotiations, that are along the lines of:

You – ‘Aninuan subdivision please’

Them – ‘100’

You- ’60’

Them ‘100’

You ’60, it has been all week, any time of day’

Them – Ok walk

You – Walk away

Them – turn on trike pull up and say ‘Ok 60’

I would put a picture of one in but then your curiosity would be some what satisfied but read Sams blogs, she takes great pictures. If you want to know more about the Green Fins project and maybe peek a picture of a trike I would suggest:

1 – Read all the blogs

2 – Visit the Green Fins Website – 

3 – For those who enjoy internet based social networking, Facebook & Twitter, see top of the page

That way you will probably be more up to date than me.

Those who minds have had little spark of curiosity ignited or for those who have already seen the light, in the near future you will learn a little bit more about myself, why I am here and I promise to divulge more about the program to you.

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