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Hello and welcome back to some more super blogging by myself.

As promised a little more about me, not to much, just a teaser. Well I popped into this world on a November morning many years ago. 31 years later I found myself in the unenviable position of being made redundant, I was a research chemist making drugs, I was not too bad at it either. However rather than just getting another job I wanted to take a break and ended up on a plane to the Seychelles with a 5 month return ticket. I spent the next two months memorising nearly 50 hard coral species, diving upside down with my face in the coral (more on that) and doing countless line transects around Cap Ternay and the Beau Vallon region. This was all with Global Vision International, I co-wrote some blogs for them as well. A rather enjoyable 3 months training and working as a Dive Master at Blue Sea Divers sealed it. I loved diving, watching all the wonderful creatures under the water, big, small and wanting to keep it for other to see.

Me, refreshing after the reef clean up, check it out in the other blogs.  A Nembrotha chamberlaini.

Having no real academic back ground in marine conservation diving would be my way in, hence I put myself on a flight to the Maldives to do my PADI IDC. During my time there my dive skills improved no end, I flooded my camera and found 2 spoons on the same reef on 2 different dives. What I saw would make you extremely jealous so I will not bore you with the details, unless you ask for them. Not wanting to leave the Maldives with nothing to do I spent plenty of time on the interweb looking for diving jobs with marine conservation organisations, there were not many and I did not have the relevant experience. Zoox popped up and I was intrigued, following a Skype interview with Chloe and JJ, (I had a sinking hangover) I was given the opportunity to work on the Green Fins project. So here I am, a year after loosing my job, I have spent 11 of those months away from friends, family and proper chips. However I have met some rather wonderful people who I shall never forget, shared some awesome experiences on tropical islands far away and am doing so now, again, I can truly say I made the right choice when I bought my first pair of fins.

So check out this little amateur video.


I would suggest you read the other blogs to get an idea of what we are up to, I will not repeat what others are saying. I will also thank you for taking your time to read this and the others, I ask one little thing, please share what you read and see here with your friends and family and I promise Iwill actually write about what we have actually done and what we will be doing here.


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