Third Blog, Third Person.

Well another couple of weeks have passed for Simon, he seems to be really getting into the Green Fins program and has even started his own Personal assignments. Having read the extremely well written blogs by Frizzie, Long Limbs and Grammar Girl, he felt the need to put some thoughts down and actually let you know what he is doing here.

Where not to put a fin

Where not to put your hand

Where not to put your hand

His personal assignment is, uniquely one of his own creating, establishing a local network of Green Fins Ambassadors. After vocalising his thoughts during a meeting he now has the opportunity to take, what were a few sentences and turn them into an established and long term tangible project. The success of the ‘Brown Revolution’ in Puerto Galera and White Beach has given him inspiration and with the support of the three girls and the estranged parents he is sure that he will get the system up and running. ‘What is a Green Fin Ambassador?’ I hear you ask, answering it Simon found not so easy, but namely it is to train a select few individual from some dive centres, give them some extra Green Fins training so allowing them to work separately and together to promote the Green Fins philosophy, thus maintaining a permanent GF presence in the area. This idea has meant asking at lot of questions to himself, basically; who; how; where and when; finding an answer or blank and then repeating the process. He promises to keep you updated on how this idea will flower from thought to reality.

This torch does not belong here


Neither does this car

Only this afternoon he was also given the chance to reinvigorate the ‘Brown Revolution’ in Sabang, this will involve several approaches, including the distribution of some awareness posters and talking to shop owners, as well as the rest of the GF team.

Stef does though


This little sea horse does as well

The other morning he woke with a slight hangover, having completed his first training session with Dive VIP and Action Divers, he had time for a couple of Red Horse beers, forgetting that they are large and have an alcohol content of around 7%, before Yoyo and his trike whisked him back to Aninuan. He does not think the rum and cokes back at home helped either.

Another morning, stood next to Long Limbs in ABWonder dive, Simon rushed under cover as a shower of rain cascaded down with a slight breeze, by shower I mean torrent and by breeze I mean howling gale. Slightly more damp than before the couple completed the new dive briefing training for the guides. This has provided a very good foundation for the basis of some Ambassador training.

Well apart from that, upcoming there should be either a combination of assessments and training or one or the other in store for Dive VIP, Song of Joy, Frontier and Action Dives this week, or longer.

View from our flat in Sabang

Well that is it from here, so until next time. Over and Out.

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One Response to Third Blog, Third Person.

  1. Chris says:

    Great to read all about yours, and your colleagues escapades, probably not the right word,keep up the great work !! Chris


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