We have now had a couple of weeks of being ‘unleashed’! It’s quite daunting at first, organizing your time and hoping that you are working in a realistic timeframe between green fins and personal projects but it’s been great.  Throwing yourself into something is definitely the best way to do it! 

So my personal project is organizing a beach clean-up in Puerto Galera. My first port of call was the Barangay Captain in Puerto Galera and introduce Chloe and myself and explain what green fins is and explain to him the plan of a beach clean-up. He was incredibly enthusiastic, which is always amazing to see. After a very productive meeting with the Barangay Captain it was off to Sabang to start introducing myself to the dive centres that I was going to be working with. The first dive centre I visited was a new member. The dive owner was very cooperative and gave me and Stef a guided tour of his dive centre and resort. He was enthusiastic about the training presentation and wanted to invite as many people as possible including many of his guests, which is amazing! He really understood that it’s about awareness and the more people that get involved the more people will begin to understand. So I left that dive centre feeling very excited about teaching marine conservation and getting involved with the dive centres.  However the day of the training presentation my excitement turned to nerves! I knew that I knew the content but it was just the feeling of talking about something with confidence and with a presentation that’s not my own. The people at the dive centre, staff and guests were very receptive and got involved, which calmed my nerves down massively. Stef and JJ were also there for added support! 🙂 Afterwards the dive manager brought up two large pizzas for everyone to enjoy and we all had a chat. It was great as it meant I got to talk a bit more to the guests about how they felt about the presentation and they all said it was insightful…yay! Even though with all the nerves and feeling a bit sick at the thought of doing a presentation whenwe left I realized that I did actually enjoy it! Its great getting people involved in a topic you are passionate about.  So after we left the three of us went for a beer to celebrate my first presentation. The excitement was back and I was ready for the assessment dive and setting up more presentations with other dive centres.


My first presentation, nerves were high!

After a busy week in Sabang doing training presentations and assessments we were ready for a night unleashed in Sabang. So the four of us went out for a meal and then went on from there to have a few beers and played pool with friends we have made along the way.

Stef unleashed in Sabang


 The second week was continuing with working with the dive centres. The nerves got less and less each training I did. With some dive centres there are just small groups, in which case it becomes much more of a discussion with the staff members and yourself about marine conservations and the issues that surround it, which is great as I learn so much about the local area and people’s views.  One aspect I found hard was the assessment dives. Not the actual dives themselves but trying to get the answers to questions. The process of approaching someone and spark a conversation to get the most information you can is something that did not come easily to me, but like with anything the more times you do it, the easier it gets. It’s still something I need to work at but I’m finding myself getting more comfortable with it.  At the end of another busy week it was time to unwind with the rest of the crew for a few beers on the beach watching the sunset..perfect!

Watching the sunset

The week ahead is me organizing and promoting the beach clean-up in Puerto Galera. Stay tuned for next installment! 🙂
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