I am Number Four – Well I can say I have never seen the film but I can bet the following video below is better.

Well it is now the fourth blog and I promise, this will be a short one but it will require a little of your time and attention.

On my personal project we now have a venue, with the date to be confirmed today, now we just need some dive guides and instructors to turn up, that will be the tricky part, well apart from writing the training material. Apart form that just a bit of dive centre work and bits and pieces. I cannot believe we are into week seven already, and we have finished loads of dive centre assessments but no trip to Aninuan waterfalls as yet. We have a very busy last two weeks something we will all be sharing with you later.

I will just say, check out the Green Fins face book page to be kept up to date with our daily activities. Frizzie has been busy and Grammar Girl has some upcoming work which we will all be involved in and Long Limbs has something under construction.

So sit back and watch the following video, you may even learn a little, who knows?

Easter Snorkel Extravaganza    (Direct link)

Well that is it for now folks.

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