5ive, they are a rubbish band, now learn how we protect the reef, the fish and the sand.

The house is quite, the girls all gone,
Only snorkelling and geckos to entertain me all day long.
This maybe my last blog for you,
Yet the future is open, what will I do?

I learnt about marine conservation,
Assessing dive centres without hesitation.
Providing constructive feedback by face and by email,
And praying the mooring buoy would not fail.
Walking up a beach with a bag in my hand,
Removing litter was Lizzies command.
Attend the IECs to help Sam out,
The fishermen, the banceros and who ever was about.

We all got along like a little family,
No arguments about who’s turn to make the tea,
How many times in a trike did we go to Sabang,
Only three times did I see a speedometer work.
A trip to a landfill site, waterfall and a reef clean,
With a turtle, it was definitely green.
My text messages drew them all mad,
Lack of information and my spelling quite bad.
They would not let me near the white board,
My writing does deserve a criminal record.
The potatoes wedges I cooked made them all grin,
But not quite as much as the rum and the gin.

JJ and Chloe are quite a team,
Nurtured us well, spreading the Green Fins dream.
So now I tell you about my little task,
It was my own creation and the last.

This personal project was my own creating,
The first ever Green Fins Ambassador Training,
A world premier, I here you ask,
Well for me that was also a difficult task.
Protect the coral, the defining feature,
The fish, the reptiles, or the ugliest creature,
Create a sustainable tourism presence,
With Green Fins, its heart, the core, the essence.

What would they learn, what would they see,
Organising this was completely new to me.
Only a select few we would teach,
Focus on quality, not maximum reach.
Nothing was done with ten days to the big day,
Even Chloe’s hair was going grey,
A kick up the bum and off we went,
To blag a big classroom, for zero rent.

What a score, a fantastic location,
Free use of dive equipment to build my motivation.
Big up to LLBC, an open room,
All to the help protect the reef from its doom.
I walked up and down the sea front in Sabang,
The morning too hot, so I walked and not ran.
Asking permission to take a guide for a day,
Those on commission they would earn no pay!
On the day and there were ten, looking quite keen,
The older, the younger, all quite lean.
We all learned from Sam about the ecosystem,
Coral, mangrove and sea grass, an intricate threesome.

Small groups we split, to go through ICONs and dive briefings,
After coffee and Code of Conduct teachings.
Fifteen pictures we saw and talked, not shout,
Listen to questions, what the guides talk about,
Not to kick up sand, feed the fish, chase and give strife.
Why we protect the marine life.

A lunch break later, and we addressed,
Stopping poor divers from harming the reef,
Changing their behaviour with minimum grief.
Role play in the water was the next task at hand,
In the shallow water over the sand,
The guides correcting any misdemeanour’s,
To the huge satisfaction, to all of the trainers.

Forty minutes later we were done,
The moon coming out, the sun on the run,
The day was reviewed and certificates dished out,
A prize to Jun Jun with a cheer and a shout,
So the day was over with a fuzzy feeling all around,
Back to Aninuan we were then all bound,
Stef’s last night here, with a BQQ and a drink,
At last time to party and not to think.

A big banner has been hung with all of the faces,
Displaying all our new Green Fin Aces,
Yet a picture of me was put in,
Had I known I would have worked on my grin.
So that was my day, in the lime light,
Bigging up the reefs environmental plight
Green Fins is now there in my heart,
I am now ready to go and do my part,
I came here to listen and learn,
I hope this inspires you,
It is now your turn.

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2 Responses to 5ive, they are a rubbish band, now learn how we protect the reef, the fish and the sand.

  1. Sam says:

    *slow clap* You have outdone yourself, Sir.


  2. Christine says:

    Simon you and your friends have done amazing things during your short stay in the Philippines, and this have obviously been a life changing experience for you, mum


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