Simon Signing Off On Six?

Well it has been a six months since I started the Zoox Experience Program (ZEP) and several since I finished and put my thoughts into the digital domain by way of blog, the phrase putting pen to paper can seem somewhat redundant now-a-days. Anyway, I type this whilst sat on a one acre tropical island 35 miles off the coast of Belize. This is nowhere near the Philippines, you say, well that is correct but does not make the following any less relevant.

“The ZEP is when my new life really started and will never forget my experiences there.”

It all began many blogs ago, am sure you can remember back in my second one a little of my back ground, I am now working for a non for profit organisation out here, involved in marine conservation as well as teaching, this is a perfect combination for me. How I got here, well let me just say that my time on the ZEP and the Green Fins Project (GF) was instrumental in my selection for the job.

I am giving  presentations about the organisation, (what we do and why we do it) to guests staying with us as well as people stopping off from cruise boats, the ZEP really helped me develop my presentation skills and the delivery of complex scientific ideas to those with a non-scientific background. The knowledge gained from working with a group of people with diverse backgrounds is immense I cannot recall how many times I can use snippets of information gleaned from them in my day to day work.

“I look back at the fantastic people I worked with and unfortunately for them I sometimes still speak to them.”

I have been able to incorporate the ICON’s philosophy into teaching my courses, so hopefully our students can leave with a much better understanding of the marine environment than from a conventional dive centre. It is also encouraging to see how many people are so receptive to the education. For those thinking about signing up, I have not got my notes with me from the professional development meetings, I wish I had, then I would be able to bore you to death with numerous examples perfect for a budding conservationist and their CV.

I still follow the Green Fins on Facebook and look on envious at the next crop of interns and the new opportunities for them as GF expands across the region, however if they ever want to come to the Caribbean they will not have to look hard for my support.

Someone once said ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’, you guys were a huge part in helping me achieve that, thank you.

So I leave this for the newbies, please write your blogs, make me laugh, more importantly try to make me and everyone else reading these pages insanely jealous and I know who provided the quote, do you?

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