ZEP 4.0

Since learning of my return to Zoox I have been planning to write but whale sharks, research, reports and coordinating volunteers got in the way. The biggest fish in the world tended to take up a big part of my day. Then lo and behold, Sneaky Simon snuck in there with a surprise post that I’m sure made “Mum” and “Dad” dance around in excitement.

A tortuous journey from Cebu (I swear the trip is easier from abroad) through torrential rain, flooded roads, delayed flights, and the wettest tricycle ride I’ve ever experienced and I arrived in the comfortably familiar barangay of Aninuan. The laughter from the new ZEPs in the big Zoox house brings me back to six months ago, which feels like six years ago.

Always bring the weather with you.

A wet hug to the parents new bosses, and a slap up meal, and the new Zoox Programmes Officer  collapsed into a nice deep sleep.

It’s weird to be back here without my fellow ZEPs, Simon, Stef and Lizzie, but that’s expected. They, like me, are taking the skills, knowledge and confidence gained in March and April to bigger and better things, using their Zoox experiences as a step up the ladder of conservation work. The new ZEPs are still going through their training, and I’m looking forward to seeing the progress they are undoubtedly going to make.

Being part of Zoox again is going to be interesting, I learnt a lot whilst I was here, and this has become more with time away. I have learnt even more as Principal Investigator of a research project. And I have absolutely no doubt that I’m going to learn even more over the next few months along with the ZEP 4s. I’m blogging as Programs Officer, but more than that, as an ex-ZEP whose career development is on-going.

Dusting off the cobwebs

Dropped in the deep end (not really), I gave the Green Fins training presentation. Not my best work, but the amount that I remembered is testament not just to the number of times I gave this presentation earlier in the year, but to the amount that I learnt from giving these presentations.

There’s going to be a lot more from me, and hopefully from Matt, Joe and Jess in the coming weeks. We’re heading to El Nido, Palawan.  A destination very high on my bucket list. Obviously.

Were excited, for obvious reasons!

 Keep tuned for updates, it’s gonna be a good one…if it stops raining!!

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