We have arrived in El Nido!!!

Our 2 weeks training in Puerto Galera is already up! So I thought it was about time I wrote my first ever blog. Ever! So don’t judge it to harshly, I’m sure I will get better as the weeks go past.
These first 2 weeks have flown past and we have been absorbing as much information as we can from Chloe and JJ (our fountains of wisdom). I have had a really great time and already learnt so much, so thanks Zoox! It was great to find out our personal projects for our ZEP and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in now that we have arrived in El Nido (after 19 and a half hours of travelling, including a 7 hour extremely bumpy bus journey!).
Our personal projects for our remaining six weeks involve me, Joe and Matt working together (with the help of the lovely Sam) to design a Snorkelling Industry Management Strategy for El Nido. Developing SIMS (as it is affectionately known) will involve adapting the green fins initiative to work for the snorkelling industry and taking base line data for all the snorkelling sites here to see how they are affected and could be effectively managed. We will also be running a training workshop for some of the local tour operators to give them a better understanding of the marine environment and the impacts they may be having on it. It is only our second day here but after going on one of the snorkel tours we can already see how badly SIMS is needed in this area and how much the Green Fins code of conduct points could really make a difference. I think that we have been given a huge opportunity to make a change here and I am very excited about it! At the same time as doing all this we will be getting all the local dive centres involved in Green Fins and carrying out all the training and assessment for them! We will be busy little bees but I’m sure we will find the time for blogs to keep you updated!
Bye for now! Jess.

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