Coming together nicely!

Well…..we’ve been here in El Nido Palawan for just over a week and it’s gone sooo fast it’s almost scary. We’ve got so much done in that week though and I’m really happy with the way it’s all shaping up.

The lovely people at the El Nido Foundation have really made us all feel very welcome. And their knowledge of the area, general expertise and the work that they have already prior to our arrival, have helped us all a great deal, so thank you to all of you!

Now it’s time to try and bring all the knowledge we have gained into practical, useful and effective ideas that can (and certainly will) make a difference. I can’t wait to have the sense that I did my part! Great stuff.

In other news, we’ve also decided to name the lovely dog that comes and visits us, ‘El Capitano’ given his eye patch. I’m pretty pleased with that. Our clothes take roughly 9 years to dry given the 90% + humidity levels. We are all highly addicted to Angry Birds and there is a cat that hangs about that looks like a barn owl. It’s going very well, I think you’ll agree.

All the best…..’Marine Dean.’

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