Green Fins + El Nido Foundation = Change


We’ve been here in El Nido for nearly 3 weeks now and I feel as if I’m getting to the know the place a little better.

One of the first things you notice is just how nice everybody is. Everyone is always willing to help you out and I don’t think I’ve heard an angry word or raised voice since I’ve been here. Not just in El Nido, but the Philippines in general. I think we (as in back at home) could learn a lot from these guys. Chill…….being the main lesson!

I’m currently working with the Green Fins team and the truly amazing people at the El Nido Foundation, to put together some workshop and presentation days for the snorkel tour companies that operate here. Snorkeling has become a massive tourist attraction here and the local reefs have unfortunately suffered for a number of different reasons that relate to the island tours. I’m not blaming anyone, the tour companies and the tourists don’t actually want to damage anything, it’s just through a lack of knowledge that it happens. Our aim is to reduce the impact on the marine environment here through the informational and educational workshops. There are lots and lots of people coming, including the mayor and the tourism officer!…….to my presentations! Wow, I best iron my shirt eh?

I’m just putting the finishing touches to the presentation today after a feedback session with everybody yesterday. I wen’t a bit too English on it and put about 4 million words in when 1 picture would have done nicely!

Here are some pictures of what I get up to!

Cheers guys,

Matt. šŸ™‚

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