It's coming to an end.

Well, that’s all folks! The 2012 El Nido ZEP, is over.

I have had an absolutely wonderful time in the Philippines, but El Nido in particular. To be involved in something that’s so worthwhile, admired and needed, has just been fantastic.

The GF Coordinators have just been involved in so much here. One of the best things about the whole experience, is the feeling that our work will genuinely have an effect on the way people think and act towards the marine environment here.

At the start of the course I was concerned about my ability to actually understand and perform the tasks that were asked of me. I do not have a degree in any marine related field and felt that this could potentially hold me back compared to the other GF Coordinators. I was, at one point, actually convinced that they’d chosen the wrong guy for the job! (it’s a voluntary placement, not a job. Figure of speech only) I now find it hard to believe that I am actually the same person that had those thoughts!  I was chosen to be part of the ZEP based on other knowledge and experience that I could offer to the course.  Obviously certain people were aware of this even before I was!

The GF training and teaching method is all about spreading awareness and knowledge. The approach of supplementing the already existing environmental knowledge and practices of marine related industries, means that there is no pretense or arrogance with GF. It’s obvious that GF’s cares and is here only to help. This is what I believe makes it so eagerly and enthusiastically received.

Thank you to;

The El Nido Foundation for being an absolute rock to all of us. The amount of time they’ve devoted to GF and each of it’s members here has been truly amazing and quite humbling too!

Jess and Joe. Cheers guys, for helping when I needed help and for some good laughs. (wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle)

Sam. Thanks Sam, for helping me on the several occasions that I flipped out and was panicking about all the work that I felt I couldn’t do! And in general for being our mentor and PO. You were brilliant at it!

Chloe and JJ. What you guys have done and continue to do, is inspirational. Without going mushy, I don’t think you can realise how much you’ve done for me. I know you’ll say that I’ve done it myself, and you’re not wrong. But your expert, subtle and professional shuvs in the right direction were perfectly executed and did so much for me on a personal level. So cheers! 🙂

Over and out.

Think green people! It’s the only way to go.

Matthew Dean.

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