Adventure of Team MB…take 2….

So it’s the beginning of week 4, where has the time gone?! Already we’ve
done and learnt so much it’s hard to know where to start when writing about

So our journey to Moalboal began 10 days ago, leaving behind Puerto Galera,
Aninuan and the lovely Ana-Lyn! We had a (very) early morning ferry crossing to
Batangas, with some onboard entertainment and an engine break-down, but we all
arrived in one piece. Drama started at the airport with their being various
mix-up’s with the flights…but we all made it in the end!

On arrival into Cebu we took the posh option and got our own minibus to take
us to Moalboal, stopping for a well-earned Jollibee 🙂 3 and a bit hours later
we landed at Sunshine Pension House and it’s been our home ever since. Along
with our new adopted mum, Aida!

Our Lovely Pool At Sunshine Pension House

Now we are all certified Assessors so our main focus now is kick-starting
the GF project here in Moalboal, re-inspiring dive centres, guides and most
importantly their guests about their amazing marine environment, as well as
beating the bugs, mosquitos, ant’s and all! And for me and my new friend the
quadrat, making sure we get lots of data to see how healthy the reefs really
are, this is part of my personal project aside from Green Fins. Oh, and I
almost forgot to mention, attending all the Christmas parties!

Everywhere we go now people already know who we are! I think maybe the acid
green t-shirts are a bit of a give-away 🙂 But it’s all good. There’s that old
saying…”good news travels fast”, so it does…and here we are! So
already we have met a long list of important people and it is great to see
their enthusiasm and passion, not only for the project but in general for their
local environment.

There are still a LOT of noisy cockerels about here…nobody believes me but
if you listen to them for a long period of time, I’m pretty sure they sound
like Keith Lemon screaming “potatoes!” or maybe it’s just me….

Already our first week without mama Chloe is busy one, this is my excuse for the late blog post!

So, keeping it short and sweet, that’s it for now as there’s lots of work to
be done!

Go Team MB!!

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