Half Time

Welcome to Week 4.

We’re half way through ZEP #5. That’s right. We’ve only got a month left. My announcement of this during Team Malapascua’s weekly meeting was greeted with large intakes of breath. Assuming their sentiments mirror my own back in April, the gasps signified a simultaneous feeling of accomplishment and anxiety. The start of the ZEP seems like forever ago, and yesterday. And there is so much still to be done… in just a month!

And the way to tip the balance from anxiety to accomplishment? Planning. Planning and accepting that things probably won’t go to plan.

Both teams, as evidenced from the lack of blog posts (ahem – though Jonny you are now exempt from this ahem) have been extremely busy. We had Chloe and JJ with us in Moalboal and Malapascua respectively finishing off Green Fins Assessor training on the same day:

Team Malapascua
Team Moalboal

Since then we’ve been getting stuck into Green Fins coordination. A whirlwind of assessments, environmental trainings, and feedback to dive centers, and though they are all working on the same project, they are working at different stages.

Team Moalboal is conducting the second year of Green Fins assessments, and dealing with some highly controversial conservation issues, whilst Team Malapascua has been introducing the project to an entirely new location, recruiting and training new members.

On top of all of that, each of them has a personal project to carry out, developing new skills and testing the waters for future career paths, which I’m sure they will all tell you about.

The multi-tasking nature of the ZEP is challenging, but that’s why we are all here. There are the perks though. Team Moalboal have secured themselves a place with a pool, something we are seriously envious of on those windless Malapascuan days plus we’ve heard reports of several-course slap up meals. I’m heading down to see the pool them tomorrow, and will certainly have more updates then. Team Malapascua has sharks. Thresher sharks. And a healthy disco life. The other night was the shiny newly reunited Malapascua Dive Guides and Boatcrew Association Christmas party (disco). Where was it held? Well the local basketball court, fully equipped  with bass-infused sound system of course.

We danced. There are photos but you don’t get to see them. We heard “Ganggam style” at least 100 times – a small medium price to pay for social and professional networking that happens at a disco.

So we’re half way through, and we still have a lot of work to do, and more perks and quirks to be had. It’s going to be fantastic! They are going to be fantastic!

Watch out for more updates from the field, and a tropical Christmas and New Years!


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