The end of The Magnificent Seven and adjusting to life as The Awesome Foursome…


The cutest trouble maker in town, Dane!

It is hard to believe it was two weeks ago that we were all still in the Big Zoox house with the whole Zoox family and Analyn in Aninuan, trying to get our heads around what it will be like in Moalboal and Malapascua.


We didn’t have to wait too long… After an eventful journey from Puerto Galera to Cebu City (crazy foreigners, boat breakdowns, and flight ticket blunders)…the two teams said our final goodbyes. Three hours on the road and Team Moalboal finally arrived in our lush new home greeted by our new landlady Aida.

One of many Filipino family gatherings - Birthday celebrations!!!

It was an action packed first week for us here in Moalboal whilst we still had Chloe with us, meetings with the Mayor of Moalboal, local Government officials and the Maritime Police, who were all very receptive to Green Fins being back in town helping to support local environmental issues. It was our first dose of working on a governmental capacity, and a good introduction to the Filipino parliamentary system. 


It's official! Green Fins Coordinators!!!

We also had our first taste of being fully fledged Green Fin Coordinators, complete with our shiny new assessor cards. A proud moment for us all after an intensive couple of weeks training.  We are steaming through the various assessments, feedback sessions and reports at the moment – which puts into practice all the training that we did just four weeks ago.

Of course there's a balance! Down time in paradise is pretty sweet!


We have been welcomed into the Moalboal dive community, opening communications concerning local issues within the industry and the environment of the area. A position that I couldn’t imagine myself in before the ZEP, sitting down with stakeholders and the community not only inspiring change, but also working together to find solutions. It is obvious the positive impact that Falk and Lucy made last year during their time here.  We hope we can achieve as much as they did.


My first official Green Fins training presentation with SeaQuest Dive Crew.

Like so many past ZEPs have said, it’s incredible that we have learnt so much in so little time and it all becomes evidently so as we settle into our new roles. For me it’s been a few weeks of self discovery, it’s strange to think back about the internal fretting on my part about doing the practice Green Fins training presentation back in Puerto Galera. I guess I surprised myself, firstly by opting to go first and secondly how much I enjoyed it! I’ve never been one who feels comfortable standing up in front of an audience. Perhaps because I’ve never done it about something I truly believed it. Which is further confirmation that I have made the right decision to leave the fashion industry and pursue my passion.

Clean up dive removing fishing nets on the reef with White Beach Divers!

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