One week in……

I need to pinch myself to believe I am sat here tapping on my keyboard positioned in front of a fan in the cool morning heat. My laptop is still on UK time & I would have been sound asleep at 2:00a.m on a Sunday night; in preparation for a Monday at work. However I find myself on the Island of Mindoro in the quite (unusually so at the moment; the rooster always has something to say) Filipino village of Aninuan thrilled to be participating in the Puerto Galera Zoox Experience Programme.

Through my upbringing I have learn’t that our world needs respect; travelling for a little under 2 years through South/SE Asia, Australia & New Zealand forced me to consider the true extent of every day activities that human life has on our world. At some points this was most sobering, especially where people had seemingly lost a responsible connection with their environment. On the flip side I experienced how people can make a difference & were able to utilise the environment sustainably for the benefit of current and future generations. I recognise the work that Zoox are co-ordinating with Green Fins & Reef World as one of these unique flip side situations.

Reef Watch Training

The sea has always bought me awe for its immense energy & endless discoveries. I now recognise that it important for me to be a part of this global movement to help bring awareness for the need to conserve the world’s oceans & empower people to be able to confidently & responsibly use this resource; now & for future generations.

So here I am! The ZEP has awesome content & the learning moves at pace through enjoyable exercises. I am week one in to the programme so watch this space …………..

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