Mad dogs and Englishmen…..

A month exactly has now passed since my flight from London. There are things that my mind has been very good at forgetting, the things that I learnt on previous trips when away from my bubble of ‘normal’ sensibilities. When immersed in to other cultures these previous memories & prior lessons learned return very quickly. Say for example how invaluable a dry bag is; or an umbrella, rain or shine; or always ask at least three people to come to an answer for your question.

One, two, thhhhhhhhhreeeee!!

And why is it that some lessons can’t be learned? No matter how many times I embark on a walk out it always seems to be the hottest part of the day with the steepest part of the hill. Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun – very apt!

One the job learning

I am now a certified Green Fins Assessor! I was as pleased as punch when presented with my I.D. card from Chloe, a moment close to receiving my black belt – I think that reflects the discipline & hard work I feel I have put in. The process has been meticulous. The training and assessment criterion is very clear; no stone must be left unturned. It has really taught me that the details no matter how fine make a big impact.

My first training presentation with a dive shop staff & guests

So far I have taken part in four dive shop assessments. Both delivering the training presentation and taking part in the dive shop assessment are a rewarding experience for so many reasons. My top reason would probably be the interaction you get with those in the industry and seeing how Green Fins can really help them manage direct diver damage.

The dive operators are VERY proud to be part of Green Fins

The dive operators throughout Puerto Gallera have been divided between us and I have seven shops to co-ordinate. You have to earn your sugar intake here; it is not just the Green Fins Assessments that I assist with, there are other day to day tasks, providing my support to the team & my personal assignment is about to take shape…….

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