Buko shake me up!

Sometimes it takes a little bit of a kick in the butt to really push yourself towards your goals and literally putting words into action and achieving them. I’m glad that happened to me this year, and I am most certainly glad that Zoox gave me this opportunity to come out to the Philippines and opened my mind to a variety of possibilities.

Philippines has been absolutely wonderful. I arrived in Puerto Galera a few days before the ZEP to do some fun dives and every dive left me amazed. The people here are so kind and friendly. Adjusting to life here was a little difficult for me, but I managed it 😉 I was always used to showering with hot water and sleeping with the AC on for hours (I know.. The non environmental friendly way) but now, I’ve become accustomed to cold showers and the fan!

I’m staying at the Stairway Foundation, along with Anita and Fiona. The people at Stairway are all doing such an amazing job with the kids and I feel blessed to be around them. From Stairway, it is a bit of a walk to the office but the scenery along the way makes it all worthwhile. Plus, the beach is just a few steps away and that’s currently considered as my study room because of it’s peace and serenity and not forgetting the amazing sunset!

JJ, Chloe and Sam have been so sweet and encouraging since day one. You will always find each of them with their handy notebooks taking down any doubts or interests of the ZEPs. I can only imagine the amount of hard work they have put in with the Green Fins approach after learning all about it and seeing much of its success amongst dive centres, local communities, NGOs and the Governments. I am very thankful to have learnt so much from them 🙂

The ZEP group are such a lovely bunch. It’s fascinating to hear everyone’s stories. I’m glad I have Sharon, a fellow Singaporean here with me too! A bit of home comforts thy soul.The next few weeks will be intense, not that the last two weeks were not intense at all. But this time, I will be carrying out my personal assignment which I’m extremely excited about! My personal assignment involves Seagrass Watch and why I’m excited is because I get to put those skills I have learnt so far into action! I admit, sitting in front of a desktop in an office bores me. I am more of a fieldwork kind of girlie and so.. I cannot wait to get down to it!

*Btw, Buko (Coconut) shake at Casamia is to die for! 😉

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