Kenny Rogers Roast Rooster

After a night in Manila, I (the royal I (Fiona and I)) travelled down to Batangas Pier on a bus decorated with bears pursuing various nautical leisure activities. We (non-royal) watched 21 Jump Street and the first half of Rush Hour 3. Which only made me really want to watch the second half and also hope for a Rush Hour 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Before they completely re-imagine the series with a prequel and then starting the series again.

We caught the boat from Batangas to Puerto Galera, the boat decoration was far less ostentatious than the bus, think there was a picture of a dragon.The passengers on the boat consisted of locals, ourselves and then 3 Antipodean septuagenarians who reminded me of all the 80’s children’s TV presenters I grew up watching.

We met up Chloe and JJ at the pier, what lovely pair friendly faces. And then Sam at the house, what a lovely trio of friendly faces. We then started training, working for 2 weeks, it rained, it shone, we dove and swam and ate pancit.

Aninuan basketball playoffs are in full swing so each night we are treated to a few games (bbq is also available). The whole village is pretty much one family and they all seem pretty great. “Animal watch” thus far consists a turtle, an octopus, some shoals of fish, some schools of fish, nudibranches, pufferfishes, dogs, cats and many many (so many) roosters and some chickens.

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