Bantay Isay!

Sandbar at the end of the Seagrass Watch survey

For the past 3 weeks, Seagrass meadows in Minolo Bay and San Antonio were my office! Along with my sidekick Sharon (whom I’m so grateful for!), I managed to conduct Seagrass Watch surveys in those areas as my personal assignment. I was going through all my compiled data and I felt a great sense of achievement and couldn’t believe how much I have done! I have since submitted my consolidated data to Seagrass Watch HQ and handed over all my data and summary reports to Grace (The head of fisheries).

I’m so glad I learnt so many skills and even improved on some (diving like a duck?) during my personal assignment. I was never used to working in muddy environment, swimming through seagrass nor having epiphytes all stuck to my rashie. But despite the dirty part of the job, it’s really amazing to see and know for yourself the importance of Seagrass meadows as a marine ecosystem. For the survey, I used the quadrat/transect line technique. What frustrated me the most was whenever sediment was being kicked up, the visibility would be so bad you can barely see anything!

Dealing with the GPS

Quadrat/Transect technique

Voucher specimens for the Seagrass Watch HQ


Explaining to Grace the data I’ve consolidated. She’s such a knowledgable and sweet sweet lady!

So now that my personal assignment is completed in Puerto Galera, Sharon and I have since moved to Moalboal to reunite with the group! 🙂 Our journey to Cebu was quite daunting. From what supposed to be a one hour flight turned out to be a delay till the end of time! (Air Asia even offered us snacks and water, yep we got to that point!) Finally arriving in Cebu, we decided to stay a night in the city before taking the 3 hour bus ride to Moalboal the next morning. We decided to splurge a little on the hotel (1500pesos = S$44, which is cheap in Singapore standards) to rest and rejuvenate in an AC room with soft and thick duvets! And of course, hot water showers! 🙂 After a cup of Mocha Blanco and a red velvet cake in the morning, we were off to Moalboal! 

Tomorrow is Christmas and as much as I wish my family and friends were here with me (I’ve got illegal fireworkssssss!), I’m glad that I am back with the group!

More work and more fun to indulge!

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