Turtle Recall

The Philippines is part of what is known in the world of environmental approaches/initiatives as the Coral Triangle, an isosceles triangle containing 500 species of reef building coral, 6.5 million kilometer squares, the largest fish, the smallest sea horse, the jolliest bee, the strayest dogs, the crispiest pigs, the surliest roosters, some lovely people and the turtles.

Moalboal is a sleepy town of guest houses, pension houses, hotels, hostels, resorts, lodges and other accommodation. But the real life blood of the town is the food options of the restaurants, too numerous to list, but each continent is well represented. This food then gives people the energy to take part in diving (the activity of rolling yourself into the sea and occasionally kicking your legs), which has turned Moalboal into a thriving dive centre of dive centres. Which in turn places ZEPs here.

It has been a great pleasure to dine with my fellow ZEP’s the past 8 weeks, learning about tom yum, lomi and Singaporean grace, the religiously practiced activity of instagramming your meal before you eat it. Seeing a dog being fork fed carbonara, nodding over at a large chef emerging from the kitchen shirtless, being told to have a spaghetti break during a presentation, enjoying some fruits before holding our breath, relaxing in a mexican restaurant whilst the cooks arrive, having a pizza party with a scuba diving priest, a korean feast with a well trained puppy and waiting on some Christmas Eve bacon pasta whilst listening to a pig being dragged towards a pile of pig bodies, killed and then added to the pile. But most importantly I have learnt that hand crafted apple crumble is far superior to shop bought tiramisu.

It’s been an experience and a great one.

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