Sabang – Where everybody knows your name

Walking down the narrow crowded alleyways of Sabang is an interesting visual treat! Bars, tuck shops, restaurants, massage parlours and dive centres. There are a lot of dive centres crowded into the little coastal town of Sabang. Side by side they fill their boats 3 times a day with divers who want to experience the diving that the Coral Triangle has to offer. It is full moon at the moment and we are 4 days in to some tropical rain that has bought with it waves and cold seas. The underwater life is booming though – the currents bring with it the pelagics like tuna and trevelly and for the hardy diver, this makes for some incredible drift dives.

It has been a busy couple of weeks for Team ZEP – the daily commute from our sleepy village of Aninuan to the craziness of Sabang is full of adventure – first we haggle over ‘not special price’ tricycle rides where we then wait at the Jeepney stop for the half hourly departure. The Jeepney’s are the owners pride and joy – big metal, decorated trucks with lights, and signs and stickers covering them – they are all so individual. As is each journey – big groups of school kids or tourists or vendors with baskets of fruit, tshirts or fish can be your fellow passengers for the 20 minute ride over the hill to Sabang. And when we get to Sabang – wearing our lovely new Green Fin Assessors shirts – with our names on our arm, we are inundated with hello’s and smiles and welcomes and ‘would you like a boat ride?’
Every day brings new conversations with different dive centres and the guides and instructors that are at the forefront of the dive industry. The yearly Green Fins Assessment is in full swing and we are all tired but loving it – the conversations are full of ideas and passion and discussion. There is so much to do and we are already in week 5 of this crazy adventure!

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