Illness, Slow realisation and Tolkien

I am currently rereading The Hobbit while enjoying some down time in our busy schedule. Although I did not think it when I brought it with me, it has turned out to be rather relatable. A small fellow off on a big adventure. He does not know where he is going, safety cannot be guaranteed (though I haven’t had to sign my funeral arrangements away to 13 dwarfs!) and if he does ever return from his (unexpected) journey…’he will not be the same’. He does however make some great new friends, come across some rather odd people, and have an epic adventure. Now this, I can relate to!

I have been rather unwell the past few days and have been unable to join in the work related fun and this mixed together with daytime brown outs has made it rather hot! You end up living for 5pm just so the fan will turn back on and you can stop wearing wet, refrigerated boxers round your neck to keep cool! Summer is definitely on its way. It’s definitely nice to be up and out of bed and functioning without stomach cramps and the constant chemical taste of rehydration drink in my mouth!

But, now we are well and truly into the project and almost fluently speaking an odd mixture of English, Filipino and American, everything is starting to come together. Asking dive centres slightly odd questions about their oil changes and septic tanks while trying to be casual about it is just another part of everyday life. Even the harder to convert to environmental ways are enjoyable to work with and often some of the most rewarding. The feedback sessions after assessment are also a really interesting way to discuss the finer points and opinions of the dive centres. It is during this time where the centres are most forthcoming about their issues

But all the tiring early dives in Sabang are rewarded by the odd late night get together to keep ‘spirits’ high and our SMB’s inflated.

My personal project is also in full swing with data collection and analysis occurring almost every day now despite a few hiccups about currents and dive sites! I am also starting to realise that this is my path in life now, it is one that I have worked hard for and chosen carefully and (thankfully) one that I believe I am very much going to enjoy. Even small things such as trying to do your four times table while narked at 25m to count coral cover or working out how to count to 10 on one hand for quadrat photos become fun problems to solve!

So in the words of Gandalf: You will have to manage without a good many things before we reach your journey’s end…But home is now behind you, the world, is ahead.

PS Happy Mothers Day Mum!

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2 Responses to Illness, Slow realisation and Tolkien

  1. Jonny Withey says:

    Probably the most enjoyable Zoox blog post I have read, especially crammed onto a train on the daily commute up to London!


    • alan_kav says:

      Thanks Jonny, Glad someone is actually out there reading (and appreciating) my efforts! Enjoy London! I only live down the road in Essex myself!


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