Its not a goodbye, just a see you soon

Wow! Busy couple of weeks here in Aninuan, finishing off as many assessments as possible and tying up all the loose ends and handing over to the permanent staff. We have handed out bright and shiny, new Green Fins materials to fully assessed and trained dive centres and have presented certificates to complete the 2014 assessment process. We even managed to fit in some Sunday fun diving around Chicken Feather Island (which completely messed around with my washing schedule).

Upon joining the ZEP I was largely unaware of the scale of the task before us and what the position actually involved. I knew it sounded good on paper (well, OK, internet screen) and thought I would get a lot out of it but it was not until my personal feedback session today that I realised the full impact of what I have achieved over the last 8 weeks. I had greatly underestimated just how good spending 8 weeks in Aninuan would be. For personal professional growth and socially too. Back in February, I remember not really being able to describe my role to people when asked and jumbled my way through an explanation of Green Fins. Today, I can stand up tall and tell everyone directly what I have done and what I have gained from it all. I have experience now from Green Fins that I have been pulling from rather strange jobs in order to fulfil job requirements. Green Fins has succeeded in reducing the fat around my CV while bulking it out with pure 100% marine biology muscle. I feel much better prepared for my future because of this.

Unlike my ZEP counterparts, I am not moving on immediately but sticking around in Aninuan for another four weeks to collect more data for my SEACAMS project. A rather large task that I am very much looking forward to sinking my teeth into. I would like to wish my fellow ZEP’s Abi, James and Laura (and Wilkie, BOOM!) every success for the future, though I know that it is not the last time I shall see you all.

See you guys around sometime, Aninuan will not be the same without you x

PS. Don’t panic though, I shall be blogging again soon!

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