A Rough Guide to the Final Weeks

Sitting in a park in Queensland, Australia adjusting to the slight culture shock of the modern world. Trading the noise of trikes and cockerels for the sound of cars and paroquets, granted it is actually quieter! With the alterations from parkway and vendors to woolworths and Gucci and Chanel is a little overwhelming, but now have time to reflect on the past two months and prepare for the adventures ahead.

The last few weeks of the ZEP flew by very quickly and was spent tying up loose ends, saying goodbyes, and handing out Green Fins packs and certificates to the completed dive centres. It was certainly a very busy week.

During this time I found it important not to say ‘no’ and to be involved in as much as possible to get the most out of the experience. You will be tired, but it is important to full fill the final week with social events as much as the completion of work.

Finally we managed at undertake a night dive muck diving on Aninuan Beach with a staggaring five metres maximum depth! It has to be the most stunning night dive I have done and was a goal I aimed to achieve from the offset. The amount of incredible species are amazing and is such a special area, but watch out for the ferocious flatworms, they like the torch and will swim straight at you. Poor Alan got a fright when I jumped on him underwater. We spent the last part of the dive with a flooded mask and holding our regulators in through laughter.

On the opposite end of the spectrum Holy week was in full swing so we ofcourse had to experience that! White Beach was so busy from the sea to the shops with very little moveabilty being available and a large concert area of which we stayed at until five am. It was most certainly a memorable experience with the jager flowing and soy sauce raining from the sky. That was tricky to get out of our clothes in the morning!

Final reports were due and to Sam’s shock mine may have been slightly elabarate and including the contents page and appendicies was thirty-five pages long! Sorry Sam! The personal development session concluded the eight weeks and I am now using the vocabulary of the gained skills to bump up my CV and apply for positions. With this in mind I feel set to continue onto my next adventure which is taking me around Australia the marine conservation capital; fingers crossed for some work (anyone reading this from Australia if you need a marine ecologist and DiveMaster I will be available!)

Thank you so much to everyone at Zoox and all my co-workers. It was amazing to meet you all.

P.S. Watch out for the hidden depatures fee at the airport!!!

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