Onwards and Upwards

Well, as promised, here I am blogging again. This time in the capacity of volunteer for Reef-World. Staying around has been a surreal experience. After a fond farewell to Laura, Wilkie and Abi at the rather impressive Mall of Asia, I headed to the Malate Pensionne in a taxi, knowing that I was a very small and quite lonely fish in a very big pond of 20 million fish. However, the fact that I am writing this blog means that I survived and definitely feel more confident in lone travel because of the experience. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere!

Since last week, a lot has gone on, I have achieved a full set of data for seven dive sites with one more to finish on Wednesday. I have also begun analysing the other related SEACAMS data which has been an interesting experience among missing data, additional data, different ordering scheme and American date systems! All in a days work though! DIVING DIVING DIVING was the theme for me for a while and one I welcomed with open arms as my diving technique continues to improve.

Last week was Earth Week and The Stairway Foundation have been celebrating with weekly performances of the Lorax. This has helped to keep spirits high as their banka aka Sea Adventure School classroom is now four weeks late! For Earth Week I gave a presentation on coral reefs to twenty-seven scholars from San Isidro and Baclayan. This also included a rather interesting snorkel tour of Tamaraw Beach Rocks and a small amount of swimming teaching. A good time was had by all!

I have also been working on creating the best CV I possibly can and this has been aided greatly by the Personal Development session I had at the end of the ZEP but also by continued and tireless support from ZEP Program Officer, Sam (@madasamarinebio). Her proof reading, editing and advice has been priceless!

The temperature has been soaring in to the high 30’s this week and going swimming at 5pm once work is over is something the whole office looks forward to, even with the constant possibility of getting rather stung by jellyfish. Sunday was a welcome break from a week of hard work where we just relaxed on the beach with good books, the sea and pool close by and a big hearty dinner on White Beach to conclude.

Till next time, onwards and upwards.

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