Back to Reality

We have just arrived back in the surprisingly sunny UK and now it is time to face the realities of being away for 3 months – the post, the washing, the cars that won’t start, the catching up with friends, the uploading of all my photos and memories and the back at work feeling. It is weird how quickly your reality can change – it felt so strange leaving Aninuan where 8weeks of living with my ZEPs and working 6 days a week became the norm. It was strange when I went for my first real shower after 2 months where I didn’t have to use the bucket! (although oddly, I kind of miss the bucket).

It felt odd not seeing the neighbours who we said good morning to as we walked to the office and I will miss waving at the dogs who we always saw on the Bridge.
Reality is what you make it – as a traveller, you learn to embrace the adventure and be a part of it. That is why in 8weeks you make some pretty strong friendships and why it is always so difficult to say goodbye. We decided to soften the blow with 10 days in Dumaguete doing some fun diving but that quickly became our next reality with some really fab diving buddies who were really good at Karaoke!
Being back in the UK is tough – it already feels like a surreal dream that we lived in Puerto Galera. However, although our tans will fade, the knowledge and experience that we gained will not and that is why I will be making a new reality. One that revolves around marine conservation and the work that I have learnt through Zoox and the Green Fins project. I am not sure how I will do this yet – ideas are buzzing around my brain (or is that jet lag?) but with the training and personal goals already achieved then who knows… watch this space.

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