Zoox – The Science of Marine Conservation

Jan 2015

Thanks for visiting the Zoox blog. Here you’ll find updates from our volunteers and staff on anything and everything to do with marine conservation, life in SE Asia or the unique Zoox Experience Programme. Have a read through and follow each volunteer through their journey from the training days, the first steps as project coordinators for our partner project – Green Fins – right through to the merriment and retrospective contemplation after the programme.

ZEP #8 2014

Zoox volunteers to express their thoughts, update friends and family, and build experience in social media outreach and blogging. Some have shared their thoughts on conservation, others have left tips for future project coordinators, or surviving province life. Others have been driven to photography or even poetry to express themselves. Zoox works with a wide range of characters and backgrounds all wanting a more focused career in marine conservation, so no experience programme is exactly the same. These posts will give you a better insight into everyday life on the ZEP and what it’s really like.

Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions or ask questions.

The Zoox Team

Want to know why we are called Zoox ?

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