That was a fast two weeks!

So the past two weeks have flown by! It seems like only a few days ago that I arrived into Dumaguette airport, having flown overnight from Bali (with a few stop over’s along the way). Having not slept for over 24 hours I was met at the airport by Alan and a coffee shop; many coffee’s were drunk whilst we waited for Charlotte, another ZEP. On the drive to the Marine Conservation Philippines (MCP) base, I fell fast asleep; the vast amount of coffee obviously had no affect on me!

MCP are hosting Zoox in an arboretum or mosquito sanctuary, as it should be called. It turns out that I’m a five star walking buffet for the little creatures. Thankfully the mosquito nets around the beds work exceptionally well and it seems that they only want blood in-between the torrential downpours of wet season. Aside from that, the base is stunning and the perfect place to learn what we will be doing during our placement.

We’ve been learning a lot over the past weeks, from blue carbon to sea grass to shark conservation. At the end of every day my head seems to hurt from all of the information taken in, I think it’s just me, as I haven’t had to learn this much in years. But it is all very interesting, I just have to try and remember most of it!

The other day we all went into Dumageutte, which is about an hour away by bus. It was nice to experience civilisation again after a few weeks at the MCP base, even if it was to get our visa’s extended. Some decent coffee also made the trip better (yes, I like/need/survive on coffee); and it was an adventure on the way back to base, trying to find our stop through a crowded bus.

If time continues to go by so quickly, hopefully I will be able enjoy the experience and take it all in before I go home.

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