ZEP Training

Having arrived in the Philippines some seventeen days ago ahead of joining a ZEP to further my experience in marine conservation, it’s fitting that my first ever blog would be about something I am passionate about.

It seems a long time ago that I had my interview with Sam over Skype but here I am, having now met a great group of people with the same beliefs and thoughts as mine, about protecting our oceans and the importance of the species that inhabit them.

First stop was our training location for two weeks at Marine Conservation Philippines, in Zamboanguita.  Located in an arboretum a couple of miles down a road/dirt track, off of the main highway, it has been a peaceful location that has allowed us to escape the city life whilst we conduct our training for becoming  Green Fins Assessors.

Now eleven days into our ZEP and today, Friday, marking the end of being taught our additional marine conservation modules, we only have three more nights here until we split up and travel with our specific groups to our placement locations.

All that is left now is to discuss our personal projects ahead of starting our work as Green Fins assessors next week.  It has been an enjoyable time, sometimes frustrating when getting to grips with the policies and policy makers within the marine conservation industry, but it all adds to the knowledge we will need when applying for our first jobs within the sector.

All of the modules were excellent, covering both global as well as local issues on each of the five topics.  My favourite module was Blue Carbon, discussing and covering the issues of increased emissions in our oceans.

So I’m looking forward to the challenges of the next seven weeks, meeting dive centre owners and employees and I look forward to updating my progress on the Green Fins initiative as it happens.


About Martin Gilling

I'm a PADI Instructor furthering my education to become a marine ecologist. My blog, is to simply record my journey of my FdSc Marine Ecology and Conservation course along with the voluntary work I participate in to expand my experience and knowledge.
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