Zoox ZEP begins!

When I saw the advertisement for the Zoox internship I immediately thought it would be perfect for me and I couldn’t think about anything else. Marine science, conservation and travelling – everything that I love combined into one experience.

We are now two weeks in – completed our final module of Shark Conservation this morning. Since arriving in Dumaguete, I have seen only smiling welcoming faces around the camp during training. Zoox is shares base with Marine Conservation Philippines (MCP), another fantastic group of enthusiastic conservationists. The group of volunteers are so diverse, it’s so inspiring to hear other people’s stories and experiences

Our camp at Siit Arboretum (also known as ‘Eric’s Place’ to the locals) is lush, the accommodation is great and a group of 22 of us sit down for each meal. Lectures and meals are in the Hex but more importantly, so are the bean bags. Bean bag napping has become an integral part of the day for many ZEP’ers. In the evenings enjoying a beer and the occasional camp fire really brings us all together.

After doing the marine monitoring module I really enjoyed doing reef checks and seagrass monitoring on a lovely local beach about 10 minutes from the arboretum. The modules are a great introduction and reminder for the coming weeks we have on placement. The passion from Sam, Alan and the rest of the volunteers is catching and we’re all raring to go now!

It’s been great so far and I know it’s only going to get better. I can’t wait to start the Green Fins assessing!


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