The Green Army moves to Panglao

We had a fantastic 2 weeks of training in Zamboanguita but now it’s placement time! Our small team of Green Fins assessors have now re-located to Panglao, Bohol. We are now living in two lovely flats with our own bedrooms(!) and lots of space. Our landlady and her family do barbecues every night which we thoroughly enjoy. Incredible value for money – chicken, rice and a beer for £1.30! Everyone is so friendly, we have all settled in very quickly and love our new home.

We live about 5 minutes from Alona Beach (the main touristy hub) so we decided to hire bicycles for the 7 weeks that we will be here – in the hope of saving some money and getting fit! Also using bikes will make us feel greener!

The dive shops are mainly found along Alona Beach – a 1km long white sandy stretch of paradise. As Panglao is a new location for Green Fins we are tasked with introducing the initiative and gathering members for the first time. Most dive shop owners are very positive and open-minded about the idea – especially as it’s free!


We have had a couple of typhoons pass over this week so diving is limited, but also a good opportunity for local dive shops to be pro-active and start Green Fins right away! We have also been allocated personal projects. Mine is based around implementing Green Fins in the snorkel industry so I’m currently spending time researching current snorkelling activities at Alona.


The Green Fins calendar is filling up as we begin the training with local dive centres and I know that in a couple of weeks we will be jam packed with report writing, dive assessing and training. Plus our personal projects – I’m excited to be busy!

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