Frustrations of a graduate

I’ve known for almost two weeks about having to write this blog. Two weeks!! And yet here I am at 6.15am, on deadline day, equipped with a cup of coffee that somehow managed to bypass quality control and a hazy/zombie like state of inspiration. It’s not to say I haven’t attempted; quite the contrary. I’ve written the first sentence on six different occasions with some degree of enthusiasm. However, beyond that, I’ve had as much direction as a bat that’s lost its ability to use sonar and a level of reluctance equating to that of someone booked in for a root canal.

But here I am, jumping on the Zoox blog bandwagon attempting to join the elite group of liberated bloggers. Yay! So, what do I write in my first ever blog? On reflection, I think a condensed version of my frustrations as a marine science/conservation biology graduate and my journey to Zoox would be a good start.


Steph gets blogging 

It’s never really been in question the career path I’ve wanted to follow. Cliché as it sounds my fascination with the marine world kick-started with the adoption of a dolphin as a kid. Believe me, the excitement I expressed would compare to that of a mathematician who finally managed to crack an algorithm after several soul destroying years. Anyway, since then my direction has been evolving but clear, albeit challenging. On numerous occasions I’ve been told there are no jobs, no money and no hope in the field of marine conservation. While discouraging, this attitude ignites my stubborn streak – please don’t tell me what I cannot achieve. However, through these waves of negativity I’ve held onto one positive message spoken from my equivalent of Yoda – ‘if you really want to do something, then you will find a way to achieve it’. Cheers Mum!!


The struggle is real

From the get go I’ve been aware that experience, commitment and perseverance are key. I’ve travelled and done a fair share of volunteering. However, going from that low responsibility volunteer role to the stipulated 5-8 year experience requirement for that dream job is a repetitive frustration. This is when I found the golden nugget of Zoox, a volunteer programme I was confident to invest in. With a focus on professional development, I’m hoping to gain, build and develop those skills desired by those employing in the conservation sector. Already, after my first two weeks of training I have a positive outlook, with assurance that there are  a variety of opportunities out there for me to pursue. But for now lets see what the next 6 weeks brings.

Until next time! 🙂

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