To New Beginnings

After learning about Zoox in September it feels weird to actually be here. It always seemed so far away, but I’m so excited to actually be here now! First look at the Philippines has been amazing. Everyone has been very welcoming. Starting with my seat-mates on my 14-hour flight from the United States. They were very helpful. I knew the whole lay out of Manila airport before even arriving. Some people had to pay for a taxi to take them between terminals. They told me exactly where to get the bus for free. They offered loads of information and made my nerves calm down a bit.



After the first week we all went to Casaroro Falls. The falls were breathtaking. The walk to get there took more breath than I was expecting, or should I say the walk back. Getting to the falls was full of excitement. Once we got there we jumped in and I immediately turned into an ice cube. Then it was back to soaking up the sun. When we were done we made our way back jumping from rock to rock and counting the steps- roughly 300 steps! Lets just say I am definitely getting my exercise here in the Philippines.


Soon we will be leaving Zamboanguita and traveling to Panglao to start assessments on Green Fins members. I have enjoyed Zamboanguita and staying with Marine Conservation Philippines. It was nice to meet a lot of different people and get to know them. The cooks here at MCP have also been amazing. Definitely not going hungry here. Now the next six weeks where I will have to cook for myself, that’s another story. I have learned a ton these first two weeks and I cannot wait to see what the next six weeks hold in store for me.

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