An Ode to the Code


Where would we all be without the Green Fins Code of Conduct?


I for one, would probably be sitting at home in Ireland in the rain, wondering what to do with my life. But more importantly, nearly 500 dive centres across South East Asia would be less environmentally aware. The Green Fins Code of Conduct are fifteen guidelines which range from not touching marine life to promoting environmental education to staff and guests, all with the same goal to ultimately decrease a dive centres impact on the environment.


In preparation for my first Green Fins assessment, I studied the Code of Conduct in the only way I know how – making weird mnemonics that vaguely relate to the subject I’m trying to remember. I’ve shared my strange method with my fellow assessors who have encouraged me to make it an entire blog topic.


And so behold, back by popular demand, my comprehensive Ode to the Code:

One – Let’s have some fun. Setting up your assessment..

  • Adopt the Green Fins Mission statement


Two – How about you?? Do you have your Green Fins agreements on display?

  • Display the adopted Green Fins agreement for the public to see


Three – What about me?? Are you a good role model?

  • Adhere to the Green Fins Friendly Diving and Snorkelling Guidelines and act as a responsible role model for guests


Four – Look at the floor! Clean it up!

  • Participate in regular underwater clean-ups at dive operator selected sites


Five – Time to dive (without an anchor).. Use mooring buoys

  • Participate in the development and implementation of a mooring buoy program and actively use moorings, drift or hand place anchors for boats


Six – Don’t be a d!ck.. Leave the marine life in the ocean

  • Prohibit the sales of corals and other marine life at the dive operation


Seven – Eleven fish.. That I monitored and reported 

  • Participate in regular coral reef monitoring and report coral reef monitoring data to a regional coral reef database


Eight – Grab a mate.. And dispose of your trash properly!

  • Provide adequate garbage facilities on board facilities vessel and deal with responsibly


Nine – It’s a crime.. to not operate under a minimum discharge policy (not really, but it should be)

  • Operate under a ‘minimum discharge’ policy


Ten – You broke the law again? Go to jail! Know your local laws.

  • Abide by all local, regional, national and international environmental laws, regulations and customs


Eleven – You’re going to heaven. And it won’t be a brief time. Environmental briefing

  • Provide guests with an explanation of Green Fins’ Frindly Diving and Snorkelling Guidelines in pre dive briefings


Twelve – Twelve months in year. Annual training

  • Provide training, briefing or literature for employees and guests regarding good environmental practises for snorkelling, diving, boating, marine wildlife interaction and other marine recreational activities


Thirteen – You’re keen.. To learn about the environment

  • Provide staff and guests with public awareness and environmental materials (ID books, pamphlets etc)


Fourteen – You’ve got a spleen.. Which relative to the size of the body is about the same ratio of MPAs to the size of the ocean. * Know your MPAS (At this point it was getting difficult to come up with rhymes, I’m sorry)

  • Provide guests with information on local Marine Protected Areas, environmental rules and regulations


Fifteen.. Not quite 16.. No touch! 

Promote a strict ‘no touch’ policy for all reef diving and snorkelling.


*Not actually an accurate fact. Like I said, I was running out of rhymes and it was so ridiculous it stuck in my memory.

This blog post was casually approved by Alan Kavanagh and all credit for Code of Conduct 15 rhyme goes to Daniel Sadd. 


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