From Rags to Riches…. Maybe

After spending two weeks in the jungle, which was a party of mosquitoes, we went to a house with a pool…. Now I feel pretty glamorous. From living in an open hut with a mosquito net, to a house with windows with screens (big deal). I don’t have to spray mosquito repellent on before bed and I would call that a win. Basically I am really enjoying Panglao I mean who wouldn’t we have our own pool! While I really enjoyed my time at Zamboangete, Panglao has been a little bit nicer to me. Working by the pool and taking a break in the pool is how I want my life to be. Walking 20 minutes to the beach for work is also not a bad way to live. Needless to say I need the sun and the sea to survive.


After writing that there was an earthquake and we have not had power for 24 hours now. I was in the mist of setting up a presentation when the power went out. So then I had ten people huddled around my computer. Not what I was prepared for but you just have to take what you can get here in the Philippines. Some said the last time there was an earthquake close to here the power was out for ten days!!! If you are reading this send good vibes this way for power 🙂  Currently sitting at a bar for power and wifi getting looks as to why I am not buying anything else after my one cup of coffee……for three hours now.

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