It’s Over?

My time in the Philippines has officially come to an end. WOW. Where did these two months go? It feels like just yesterday I was being picked up by Sam at the airport and taken to MCP, but yet at the same time that feels like ages ago. I have gotten so use to my life here in Panglao it feels like it has always been this way. This is my life now, but its not. I get on a plane tomorrow and fly back to the states!! How crazy is that??? The Filipinos are so friendly they truly make you feel at home.

I have learned a lot here and feel like I have really grown as a person. I have been ‘professionally developed’ and now its time to use what I have learned and find the next rung in the ladder to the top of my marine conservational career. I am excited to see what will happen next. Looking back to the beginning of this journey I never would of thought I would have gotten this much out of a two-month experience.

I have delivered a multi-stakeholder clean up event with collaboration with the local government unit. I have used my knowledge of tropical marine ecology to deliver complex scientific concepts to non-specialist audiences.  (Sounds fancy huh?) Being able to identify the skills I learned and put them down on paper is a huge success just in itself. I will never be able to thank Alan and Sam enough for the confidence and professional knowledge that has been bestowed upon me through out my experiences here. Thank you 🙂

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