So where are we eating for lunch guys?

Anything left to do today guys?

Anyone have any insect repellant?

…Hello? …. Anyone there?

It’s August 7th and I’m currently sitting on the floor of Manila Airport lapping up the air con. I’m sure I’m exaggerating when I say this, but it feels like the first time I’ve been on my own for 2 whole months. Where is everyone? Why is no one offering me island hopping trips or motor cycle rides?

It’s a very strange feeling to leave something that has become your day to day life for 8 weeks. In 28 hours I’ll be touching down in Dublin. But in my mind I’m still wandering down to Alona Beach making sure I have everything ticked off my to-do list (including my blog, which I realise is 2 days late on being uploaded – sorry!).


With the hectic schedule of the last two weeks, Blog #4 has been the last thing on everyone’s mind. I’ve spent the last few days racking my brain for topics to write about but with no real success or inspiration.  But now it seems only fitting to dedicate the final Zoox blog to the weird and wonderful Zoox family that I’ve gained along the way. So here are some special shout outs to the real MVPS:

OH! Anne – For sneaky boat naps and cuddles. For the regular “Hey guys, our lives are so awesome right now” reminders. For being so focused it scared me into focusing too. For always noticing when I needed a pep talk. For being there to see my first manta ray.  For the best running around in circles dancing Panglao has ever seen.

OH! Alyssa – For not going a single day without bursting out into song or random loud noises. For being our own personal cheerleader. GO GENERALS! For making incredible egg fried rice. For your amazing ability to slip British slang naturally into your vocabulary. For being a proper ray of sunshine.

OH! Dan – My unofficial husband. For spitting a shot of tequila in my eyes and somehow still managing to make me find it hilarious (I’ll never forgive you). For being there to save me when I ran out of air. For cartoons, accent impressions, what is life conversations, driving me insane and more belly laughs than I could ever count.

OH! Alan – For being stranded in torrential storms at 4am and thinking a piece of cardboard over our heads would keep us dry. For introducing me to  “good looking girls who take ugly photos”. For somehow managing to be a boss, a neighbour and a mate all in one. For all your new adventures.

OH! Sam – For managing to be present even from another island. For constant support and the occasional interjection of sense when we needed it. For having the worlds most enthusiastic laugh (it makes me more confident in my comedic ability) For all the motivational speeches, inspiration, love and cuddles.


Over and out from a sleepy, professionally developed Irish kid x




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