So long my friends!

I can’t believe it’s 2 days to the end of ZEP. It’s impossible. It felt like it was just yesterday that my whole face was brushing through Seagrass. Right now I’m in Dumaguete for my visa extension (Bcos of Zoox, I’m in love with Philippines now!). Although I will be back to Moalboal on Sunday, I know the whole team won’t be there anymore. I miss you guysss 😦

This last week has been crazy. It felt like one by one things just piled up and datelines were mixed up. But I’m glad I am finalising everything and as much as I don’t want to say goodbye to Zoox, I have to.

Moalboal has so much potential to make great changes, an inspiring community I’d say
. During the Green Fins Assessments, I felt like both the dive centres and myself learnt so much from each other. They showed me their perseverance in something they strongly believe in which is conserving their marine environment. Despite some short comings, they still stand strong as a team to fight on with the support of Green Fins. Some may say it’s a losing battle we’re fighting, but we haven’t lost yet have we? We’re all a team. Team work rocks everyone’s socks! 😉

I’m gonna keep my last post short and sweet. Hate to say goodbyes! I’m really thankful for being part of the ZEP and part of Green Fins. My goal was to learn more about my favourite place (The ocean of course!) and not only did I learn more about it, I got to educate people as well.

No matter what colour your fins have, as long as they’re Green Fins oriented, it works for the marine environment, works for you and me 🙂

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