The Luckiest Unlucky Person

I could’ve also titled this post “One Joy of Living on a Small Island.” After a couple of events over the past few weeks, Weenie has begun calling me the “luckiest unlucky person” that she knows. First, a couple weeks ago I managed to misplace my phone. (Some things are the same no matter where you are in the world.) Now the island is very small to begin with and 90% of the people and things are located on the southern third so I knew that it could not have wandered far. I spent some time scouring my room and checking around the disco where I figure it had fallen out of my pocket.

I was also hanging out with some new friends from the diving industry that I had made and fortunately for me, our daily walk down the beach we do for Green Fins brings me right past their shop. I am informed that they did not see my phone at all, but would check again. Well after a few days of walking past, pestering them about my phone and getting the same response I asked them to do one more really good check since I haven’t been able to find my phone anywhere else. The next day I walk past the shop again to ask and sure enough they had found it buried in the couch cushions! (Again some things are the same everywhere.) Of course they forgot it, but at least I knew I would get it soon and would no longer have to worry about my lost pictures (or telling my mother that I had lost her old phone which she specifically told me to return safely).

Fast forward a week later and I am hanging out with a group of various dive guides, tourists, and locals. When I go to leave, I slip on my flip flops but quickly realize something’s not right. One of the sandals is different than the other even though they look virtually identical, especially in the dark. I look around a bit but with no luck. Someone wandered off with one of my flip flops! Remembering once again that we are on a small island, the next day I begin telling everyone I see about my plight. Again this works! A few days later Weenie got a text saying they knew who had my other sandal. I head to the dive shop where the guy worked and was soon reunited with my sandal.

Finally that same night, while basking in the joy of having both my sandals once again, we go out to dinner and to shoot some pool. The place is a favorite of Hannah and Weenie because there are three adorable puppies running around. I kick my sandals off before we play pool and am as happy as can be. The night is going great until I go to pay. I noticed both sandals are perfectly fine when I head up, but when I come back after paying one of them has disappeared. One of the puppies had been nibbling on it earlier and now has run off with it. Both of the girls break out laughing as the two waitresses and I walk around the place searching for it in the dark. It was thankfully found in about 15 minutes. On that walk home Weenie appointed me with my new title of the “luckiest unlucky person”. I’m just thankful that the island is as small as it is.


The culprit

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