And ……. relax

I have now completed the main part of my personal project which was to build the capacity of local dive guides through the Green Fins Ambassador Programme. Malapascua’s six Ambassadors came together for the first time as a team to have one days ‘training’ (although most of the time I feel we are learning more from them than they are from us!). It was a hectic day but it was brilliant! They were all so engaged and enthusiastic and my fellow Green Fins workers made it all possible by running here, there and everywhere for me.

If a lie-in was possible in the Philippines that is what I would do to celebrate, but instead I celebrated with a trip to the disco and by eating too many bakery goods! Definitely feeling more relaxed now. Can’t wait to see what the Green Fins Ambassadors of Malapascua do in the future.

So I now only have 1 full day left before leaving the island! I feel I have imparted enough pearls of wisdom about the Philippines and so instead I leave you fine readers with my playlist of my 2014 Malapascua ZEP! These songs have been played at various times during the trip and so hopefully will forever more remind me of those times. Make of it what you will but don’t diss it – it’s an epic collection of memories.

1. Anna Kendricks – Cups
Sang it far too much before coming here making it the title song of my trip. Brian is quite fed up of me humming it. I then found out that Sam loves it too and that she has watched the film Pitch Perfect (which it is from) far too many times.
2. Shania Twain – any song from that catchy album!
Waking up in the ‘cupcake’ house far too early, ready for a day of learning in the Zoox house.
3. Psy – Gangnam Style
The locals watching us at the beach clean up we did with the school kids, as we lugged sacks of rubbish from the beach and mangroves. Hard work, great fun.
4. Britney Spears – Work Bitch
Squeezing everyone into a taxi to Manila airport on our way to Malapascua (taxi yoga anyone?). This is now Sam’s motivational mantra to the team!
5. Kesha – Timber
Trying to fit far too much luggage into an SUV at Batangas Pier; heading to our thresher shark fun dive at 4.30am; lying in Malditos (a local restaurant) reading and drinking shakes and a few more times inbetween (they love that song out here).
6. The Kinks – Lola
Three and half hour drive in a car with AC to the top of Cebu, squidged in tightly, using Brian’s knee as a pillow, singing along.
7. Wiz Khalifa – Young, Wild & Free
To be known simply, and forever more, as Brian’s song. I will listen to it whenever I am missing my ZEP buddy and all the team Breenie madness.
8. Jason Derulo – Wiggle
In Malditos with Brian buying me beers so I couldn’t leave! Followed by my first experience of the local disco.
9. Idina Menzel – Let it Go (Frozen soundtrack)
Brian singing the song karaoke-style on a dare. Also ‘Let it go’ it is the mantra of a friend on the island.
10. Rihanna – Diamonds
DJ Ambassador Leo after the training day. My first experience of a beer tower! My leaving party.

Signing off! Thanks for reading 🙂

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